Farzad Shamsudeen - Profile

Brunel University London Pathway College_Farzad

Q: What did you study at Brunel University London Pathway College?
A: Business and Management


Q: What did you study at Brunel University London afterwards?
A: BSc Business and Management (Marketing)


Q: Plans for the future?
A: Next step is to study a masters course.


Q: Favourite thing about studying at Brunel University London Pathway College/Brunel University London?
A: My experience at Brunel University London Pathway College (then named LBIC) was full of fond memories and me helping enrol new students to the University, showing them the campus and facilities as well as providing tips on modules and university. The lecturers were also helpful in guiding me throughout the course as well as advice for the future and the workplace. My experience in Brunel was a bit different as it was a different atmosphere, as it made me feel more independent with my studies and made me organise my timetable to be on top of the course work.


Q: Tips for the future?
A: My tips for future students would be to be open-minded and interact with people from different backgrounds, not only to gain more exposure to diverse cultures but also to widen their own experiences and knowledges. Do not leave coursework to the last few days or day as it only leads to you stressing out and making more mistakes in your work than you would if you pace yourself. Understand the expected expectations of the lecturer for each course and how they want you to approach a coursework or exam. Even if you do not have much time to study, one hour goes a long way. Always look to make connections as it can help you in the future. Most importantly join societies to either continue a hobby or try something new that you never thought about or even wanted to be a part of. Finally always remember Brunel University London Pathway College is always around if you, just want to talk to people or are stressed with your workload.