Federico Nunziata - Profile

Federico Nunziata

Q: What did you study at Brunel University London Pathway College?
A: Foundation in Humanities, Social Science and Education


Q: What will you study at Brunel University London afterwards?
A: International Politics BSc (Hons)


Q: How did you find studying your course Brunel University London Pathway College and Brunel?

A: I’m 20 years old and am from South Italy, from a beautiful city in Italy, which is always sunny. You eat a lot but it’s just because we are from Italy. It’s easy to find good food there. I am currently studying foundation course in social sciences, and will progress onto International Relations course at Brunel. It is actually a course based on contemporary subjects, so it’s hard to see things from the past. You will always have to make research.

One tip for this course is always listen to the words of your teachers, because actually you will always have to be focused actually. Classes are different in UK from Italy, as teachers would like students to be quiet and listen to them first.  Be prepared to be asked so many questions as well. Every teacher is different and they do help you feel comfortable. And try to be friendly with all of your classmates, because even though there will be people you will not like to work with, it’s always a good experience and will help you understand how the world works. Be free and study what you want to study