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Current Student FAQ

Q: How will classes be delivered in the coming academic year 2021/22?

A: We have responded to comments from our students who tell us that they have welcomed the flexibility of online learning but have missed opportunities to engage with staff and peers in person. Our approach to learning and teaching prioritises interactive, in-person, on campus teaching, such as seminars, group work and practical activities. These will be complemented by lectures, which will be online. 

In the event that Government-imposed restrictions require us to stop in-person teaching and limit social interactions, you will be able to continue ‘meeting’ with your fellow students or lecturers – you will meet virtually in live, interactive sessions until in-person teaching can resume. We can guarantee that you will be able to continue your studies with us whatever the circumstances and the College will continue to provide the best student experience it can.

The UK Home Office have recently confirmed that if you are unable to travel you are allowed to study online from your home country until 6 April 2022. However, noting that we are prioritising in-person teaching on campus such as seminars and practical’s complemented by online lectures, we recommend you travel to the UK as soon as practicable, and when safe to do so, and transition to face to face at the earliest opportunity.


Q: How will the online lectures work?

A: Brunel University London Pathway College online lectures is currently being conducted via the online communications platform, Zoom.

The meeting software is very straight forward to use. You can join your lecture on most devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Whilst we encourage our students to join classes online via a laptop or PC, please be aware that if you attend by mobile phone or tablet then you will need to download the Zoom app.

Please be aware that all online classes will be recorded.

Instructions on joining a Zoom meeting and details of how to use the basic Zoom settings.


Q: How do I find the link to my Zoom class?

A: The link for classes can be found on the relevant Moodle page, listed under the current Week. For example, if you are due to have a class in NV4608 Research Methods, you will need to go to the NV4608 Research Methods Moodle page and click on the zoom button. 


Q: When will my class be?

A: Your class times are published on your timetable, which you can access via Moodle. Please remember classes are UK time GMT. Class times on all links will be published in this format.

Zoom links will only be open during the hours of your class.


Q: Will online attendance be monitored?

A: All student attendance will continue to be monitored. Lecturers will take registers as normal during the session and usual rules will apply with regards to half attendance and absence.

As we have previously instructed, students who are Student Route visa holders must continue to demonstrate that they are engaged with their studies by attending classes remotely.


Q: Where do I go if I need support with Zoom?

A: For technical information relating to your Zoom classes and academic queries, please continue to contact the Brunel University London Pathway College Academic Services team. For enquiries regarding your modules or class content, please contact your lecturer.


Q: Is the library open on campus?

A: The library will remain open for pre-booked individual study, but with reduced opening hours. Access to materials will be on a request basis using Click & Collect.


Q: How is Brunel University London Pathway College supporting current international students who are now studying online?

A: Information on how to join the online classes has been sent through to all students via the Brunel University London Pathway College Student Portal. The Academic Services Team are contactable on email should you have problems accessing your classes.


Q: How is Brunel University London Pathway College supporting students who suspect they have COVID-19?

A: If you are unwell or have tested positive for COVID-19, it is important that the Student Services Team at Brunel University London Pathway College are made aware as soon as possible so that guidance can be provided accordingly. It is important to notify the University via the Coronavirus Reporting Task on eVision if you test positive or have COVID-19 sypmtoms.


Q: As a current student in the UK, are COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment covered by the NHS Health Surcharge?

A: All lawful, non-visitor migrants to the UK gain access to the National Health Service and medical treatment free at the point of use. This includes treatment that is medically required in relation to COVID-19.


Q: How will Brunel University London Pathway College support students who stay off-campus during the closure of campus?

A: All support services will be available during this period via email, telephone and video calls, however, they will not be available for face to face meetings.

In the first instance, you should contact the Brunel University London Pathway College Student Services Team and they will be able to signpost you to the relevant service.


Q: What alternate support is available to students other than by phone and email?

A: In order to further support you during this period, we have implemented an online booking system for you to book a one to one video call with a member of the Student Services Team.

The appointments will provide some facetime with a member of the team for you to ask any questions you may have in regards to your studies. This service will be available Monday to Friday during specific times until further notice.

To book a slot, please follow the below instructions;

Step 1 - For booking, select the date and time of video call that you would like to attend.*

Step 2 - Once you have selected your preferred time slot, you will be asked to enter your contact details in order to receive confirmation of your appointment.

Step 3 - Two hours prior to the meeting taking place, you will receive an appointment reminder. You will simply have to click on the link to join your Zoom meeting.

Once this is done, you are ready to go. A member of the Student Services Team will be there to answer any questions during your time slot.

*It is important that you inform us if you are not able to attend your timeslot as other students will be waiting to use this service.


Q: I want to return home during the closure, what is the process for deferral of study?

A: It is important that the Academic Services Team are informed if you wish to defer your studies. There are forms that you are required to complete and college approval is mandatory before your student record can be amended.


Q: What impact will this have on my Student Route visa?

A: Before deferring your studies, we strongly advise that you speak to the Brunel Immigration and Compliance team to find out what impact deferring will have on your Student Route visa.


Q: I am having issues paying for next semester fees, can you help?

A: The Student Services Team are available to discuss any issues that you may be facing throughout this period. This can be anything from welfare concerns to financial issues. The Student Services Team are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays.


For any further questions, please reach out to the Brunel University London Pathway College Student Services Team.