Customs and Quarantine

Here's what you need to know about customs and quarantine..

You should ensure that you have the following available in your hand luggage when you arrive in the UK:

  • valid passport
  • valid visa or entry certificate
  • proof of residency
  • evidence of funding; personal or family resources, confirmation or sponsorship
  • the letter from Brunel University London Pathway College confirming your place of study as a full time student
  • recent medical report (including x-ray results if this applies to you)
  • you may be asked for additional information regarding your proposed studies in the UK

Immigration procedures...

Immigration procedures at British airports can be stringent and may result in a considerable delay at the end of your flight, especially during peak traffic periods (at the start of term and at UK holiday periods). For information on what goods you may bring into the UK, please click here.

Please click here to contact us with your flight details as soon as you book them and if you are staying in private accommodation details of a UK address and telephone number. We can then ensure that your arrival into the UK is as smooth as possible. A mobile phone number is also needed in case we have to contact you when you first arrive.

Please note:

It is very important that we know when you are arriving and where you intend to stay in the UK. Please remember to tell us about your travel and accommodation details as soon as they are booked.