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English Requirements

The language of instruction at Brunel University London Pathway Collage is English.

To attain entry into the undergraduate or postgraduate pathway, you must be able to demonstrate you have a suitable level of English proficiency. You can do this by obtaining one of the results shown in the table below.

Foundation Studies Minimum English Requirement

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*Higher Level Pathways include Law, Humanities Social Sciences & Education, Psychology, Sport Health & Exercise Sciences

First Year Studies/Pre-masters Minimum English Requirement

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ILSC Module

(An ILSC Module will be included in the timetable for students that do not meet Brunel University London’s direct entry English requirement. This is to ensure students meet Brunel’s English entry requirement prior to progression)

NOTE: The tables above indicate the minimum English requirement and equivalencies for the pathway entry stages e.g. Foundation, First Year or Pre-Masters, only. In order to study for the relevant pathway, we require you to provide evidence of one of the listed English language tests, along with the minimum scores outlined, along with any other conditions outlined in your offer letter.

We do accept other English language tests (if not listed in the tables above), and if you are unsure please contact our admissions office and we can assist you.

Please note that your Brunel degree course will have its own English language requirement including scores. It is very important to note that at the point of completing your pathway studies with the College and progressing to Brunel University London for your main degree studies, you must have obtained the direct entry English requirement for that course. Therefore, you may be required to take additional English Language classes and take an internal English examination (BrunELT) to achieve the right scores for your degree course, if you have not already met the direct entry English proficiency requirements. There will be no additional costs associated for the in-sessional English Language classes or BrunELT as part of the ILSC module. You can review the direct entry English requirements for your degree course via Brunel’s course listing page.

If you are not sure or unclear, please write to us via email to

English Language Preparation

We are pleased to advise you that applicants and current students have access to the award winning Brunel Language Centre. The Centre is ranked amongst the best on-campus language centres in the UK, where the pass rate is 96% to 100% for students enrolled on pre-sessional English courses.

If you are looking to start your pathway studies with the College, but have not met the English proficiency requirements as outlined in your offer letter, you can take a pre-sessional English course to help improve your English language proficiency. At the end of your pre-sessional course you will take an internal English test and need to meet the minimum criteria for the pathway studies (as outlined in the above tables, respective to each pathway level).

The pre-sessional English courses which are designed for students who require further development of their English language proficiency before they are able to meet the English proficiency requirement start their pathway studies with the College.

If you require support with helping you understand and apply for the right English course, please contact us via email on

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