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At Brunel University London Pathway College, we recognise the importance of safe and comfortable student accommodation. The Brunel Accommodation Centre help students to choose a safe, clean and secure accommodation that suits the needs of the modern student. For all enquiries regarding accommodation please contact

There are a variety of accommodation options available for Brunel University London students and we are certain you will find your ideal ‘home away from home’ while studying with us at the College. Why not take a virtual tour of Brunel University London’s accommodation on campus?

For more information about cost of living, why not try the Which?University student calculator – or visit Brunel University London Accommodation. You can also visit Brunel’s Accommodation Question and Answer Centre for more information.

General Accommodation FAQs

When can I apply for accommodation?

Once you have received your unconditional offer letter from Brunel University London Pathway College, you will need to read the offer letter carefully, sign the acceptance form located in the end of the offer letter and return it back to

You will also need to make a tuition fee deposit stated on your offer letter. Once you have completed these steps, your status will be turned to Unconditional at the College. This should then automatically let Brunel University London know, and change your status there to Unconditional too.

Once your status at Brunel University London has been changed to Unconditional, you will then be allowed to apply for accommodation with the University.

What are the accommodation options available and how do I book them?

There are two main accommodation options at the College:

1. On Campus Accommodation

On campus Accommodation. Once you have been issued with a Brunel Student number (7 digit number) you can apply for a room on the Brunel University London Accommodation Centre Hub.

2. Brunel Student Lettings – Off Campus accommodation

During your time at Brunel University London you may decide to live off-campus. In order to make this as easy as possible for you the University manages a number of properties in the local area which the University then rent to our students.

There is a wide choice of housing near the University which can be reasonably priced for the London area.

Whatever you’re looking for, your first port of call should be Brunel Student Lettings in the Accommodation Centre. This team is dedicated to students’ needs and does not charge for its services, unlike most agencies. We can help you find a great place to live!

Are there any catered accommodation options available at the College?

No, all the accommodation options are self-catered. Kitchen facilities are provided within the Halls of Residence, so students can cook their own food. Self-catering is by far the cheapest option in the UK, and what the majority of UK students will do. It is expected that you contribute towards the cleaning and tidying of the kitchens. You must leave them as you found them.

How can I make payment for my accommodation?

You must pay for your accommodation to Brunel University London, using the online payment service.

Where is the accommodation located?

The University’s Halls of Residence are all on campus, meaning you are only minutes away from the teaching, sporting and social facilities. Please note although you may have various preference options
available to you on your online application, undergraduate students will be allocated to a specific hall and postgraduate students to Isambard Complex due to your earlier start date of your contract. You will also have the opportunity to indicate any special requests that you may have.

We provide self-catering accommodation for over 4500 students in 33 Halls of Residence, which include 120 studio flats for co-habiting couples.

Everyone has different priorities, so we offer a choice of en suite, standard and studio residences.

Rooms are available on campus for undergraduates, postgraduates, disabled students and co-habiting couples.

You must make sure you have arranged somewhere to live or at least have temporary accommodation before leaving home otherwise you run the risk of arriving at the University with nowhere to live.

Brunel Accommodation Centre will give you every assistance to find suitable accommodation either in the University residences or locally, off campus.

If you need to apply for a visa, ensure you allow sufficient time for the British Embassy to process your application. If you plan to arrive into your accommodation after your room contract has started please contact the Accommodation Centre Team for advice as you may be required to take further action to secure your room and avoid it being cancelled.

Can I smoke in my property?

You cannot smoke in your home if you live in any form of student residences or alternative accommodation. In the UK you can smoke outdoors, as long as you are more than 5 metres away from any building and in areas that are not ‘substantially enclosed’. However, some places do have a smoke-free policy, like train platforms and sports stadiums.

Are pets allowed?

Residents are not allowed to keep animals or pets in the residences except animals, which are for the aid of a disabled person and these must be registered with the Residences Office prior to moving into the campus accommodation.

If you wish to have an animal or a pet in your accommodation you would need to consider your off-campus options.

If you are securing a property with an Estate/Letting Agent, please query this directly with them.

Can I arrive early at my accommodation before the start of my contract?

If you need to arrive early, please contact the Accommodation Centre by email to for further information and to check availability.

Wired internet access may be unavailable during your early arrival booking period.

If you are able to be accommodated, please note that whilst we make every effort to accommodate you in the same room as your main allocation some students allocated in other Complexes also may be placed in a temporary room until your accommodation is available and ready.

What happens if I do not, or I am unable to arrive until sometime after my contract starts?

If you are unable to arrive on your Licence Agreement start date please complete the late arrival request form online (log into your account, click on the relevant academic year, then click Request Forms on the right hand side) to inform the Accommodation Centre of your delayed arrival date. Depending on your circumstances the Accommodation Centre usually allow for a few days late arrival, provided we know in advance. You will however, be liable for the payment of rent from the start date of your Licence Agreement.

There is a limit to the period of time a room can be held for late arrival as demand for rooms is high. A room that remains unoccupied one week after the start of the Licence period will be reallocated to a waiting student and the booking fee will be retained by the University, unless the student has had permission from the Accommodation Centre to extend their late arrival. If you are planning to arrive more than 7 days after the start of your Licence Agreement and this has been agreed with the Accommodation Centre, you will be required to make payment of a further instalment of rent to hold your room during your delayed arrival.

Please see the Residences Rules and Regulations for further information.

Where is the nearest supermarket?

In London you are never more than a 10-minute walk from a mini-market. In Uxbridge town centre there are 2 major super markets called Lidl and Tesco, as well as other smaller food outlets.

Who can I talk to if I have problems with my accommodation?

The Accommodation and Residence teams at Brunel University London are always here to help. If you have any queries pre arrival, please contact the Accommodation Centre via email to for queries regarding your accommodation. Once after you have arrive please contact your Residences Manager via email to

Can I contact other College students before I arrive?

You can request to join our Facebook group, specifically for students joining Brunel University London Pathway College.

You will also be invited to join the Accommodation Centre WhatsApp group for the Halls of Residence you are living in. Details will be sent to you by email from the Accommodation Centre shortly after you have accepted your Licence Agreement.

Are there laundry facilities available?

In student residences the laundry facilities are pay-as-you-go. In Alternative accommodation, most properties contain shared laundry facilities at no extra cost.

Can I bring a TV?

Students prefer to use their laptop or computer to watch TV in the UK. Please note that if you intend to watch live television on your computer you will need a TV licence. Please see the TV Licensing site for more details.

What shall I do if I have applied for accommodation online, but haven’t received any confirmation or update from Accommodation Centre?

All online accommodation applications will receive an email confirmation within a few minutes. You will next hear from the Accommodation Centre by email to request your arrival date if you have not provided this on your application. After this the next contact will be once the College has confirmed you are ready to be offered a room. If you have any queries you may contact the Accommodation Centre via email at or via phone call at +44 (0)1895 267900. You may also use online chat at Brunel University London Accommodation.

Once I apply for accommodation online, when will I get room allocation?

You will only receive your room offer once you have met the specified conditions with the College. The College team will inform the Accommodation Centre once you are in a position to be offered a room, and will then be in contact with you by the email address you provided on your accommodation application within 2 working days. If your College offer is still a conditional offer, you will need to provide the College with relevant documents to meet all the conditions, and email your documents to If you are holding an unconditional offer, then you will need to pay the tuition fee booking fee stated on your offer letter and provide the College with the payment receipt by emailing Once your tuition fee booking fee is received by us (the College), we will authorise Accommodation Team to allocate a room for you. The Accommodation Centre will then be in contact regarding room allocation.

Once I receive the room offer and pay the accommodation booking fee, what happens to my booking fee?

Your booking fee is allocated to your final rent instalment. For your final rent instalment, shown on your Licence Agreement and on your rent invoice, you will need to deduct your booking fee from your final instalment and this will be the amount you are due to pay.

Will I receive the booking fee back if for any reason I terminate the contract early?

f you have a term time contract then you will have agreed to a contract for the full period of your academic year. However, we understand this may cause some hardship for some students and therefore if a student wishes to terminate their term time Licence Agreement early, the University operates the following procedure.

Term time contracts (New and Returning student)

In the Licence Agreement, Residents agree to take the Accommodation for the full Licence Period. If a Resident vacates the Accommodation before the end of the Licence Period and/or returns their keys/access cards to the Residences Reception, the University will be entitled to claim accommodation fees for the whole Licence Period or until the Accommodation is re-let, whichever is the sooner, and a concessionary charge of £250 to cover the Replacement Costs. Except where:

  • The Resident vacated in the first 7 days of the start of the Licence Agreement. In such cases only a concessionary charge of £250 to cover the Replacement Costs will be made by the University or;
  •  The Resident vacates from 1 April 2021 for UG/PGCert length contracts (including contracts that end in January or March) and 1 July for PG length contracts. In such cases the Resident will be charged for the whole Licence Period or until the Accommodation is re-let, whichever is the sooner however the concessionary charge of £250 to cover the Replacement Costs will not be applied.

Please note: Above cancellation charges apply to new students only once they have been offered/booked a room.

Campus vacancies will first be offered to students on the campus accommodation waiting list. It is likely that it will take at least one week if not longer to find a new licensee however for some Accommodation no replacement may be found.

For further information about vacating before the end of the contract, please refer to the Residences Rules and Regulations.

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