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Personal Statement Questionnaire

All fields marked with are required.

We would like you to talk about what has attracted you to studying with us here, so you might want to discuss where the College and University is located and the University’s facilities. We are also looking to find out why you have chosen to study here rather than at another University, so do mention the other places you have applied to, and why you have then chosen to study with us instead. (Minimum of 75 words needed).

Choosing to study in another country is a big decision, so tell us why you have chosen to study in the UK rather than another country. If Universities in your home country offer similar courses, can you tell us why you’ve chosen to study abroad instead? (Minimum of 50 words needed)

You may wish to talk about why this subject interests you or any modules or classes that you have found interesting.(Minimum of 75 words needed)

(Here we would like you to talk about what career you hope to have in the future, however this degree will help you to achieve this. You might want to talk about any skills that you hope to gain from your degree, and how these will help you in the future. Please try to be specific, for instance if you hope you run your own business in the future, explain what sort of business you hope to have. (Minimum of 75 words needed)

(This is your opportunity to tell us about your past experience. You might want to discuss the previous courses that you have studied and found interesting, and how they link to your chosen course. If you have not been studying for more than a few months, we would like you to discuss what you have been doing in that time, how your experiences have related to your chosen course, and why you are now choosing to return to your studies. (Minimum of 75 words needed)

Minimum of 25 words needed

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