Before you leave

Please see below what you need to consider before you leave home and travel to the UK. You will need to ensure that you communicate to Brunel University London Pathway College your accommodation, flight and travel arrangements.

Book your Accommodation

Make sure you have arranged your accommodation before you travel to the UK. Please read the accommodation section on our site.

Book your Flight

It is advisable to book a flight as soon as you have accepted your unconditional offer with Brunel University London Pathway College. Many students travel to and from the UK at the beginning and end of each semester, therefore flights can be busier at these times.

Tell us your travel arrangements

It is very important that we know when you are arriving and where you intend to stay in the UK. Please remember to tell us about your travel and accommodation details as soon as they are booked, by emailing

If you think you will arrive after the last day of enrolment, you must get permission from Brunel University London Pathway College to enrol late: please contact Brunel University London Pathway College Marketing team on You may miss important sessions if you are not here by the first day of teaching

Book your Airport Pick-up

Brunel University London Pathway College can arrange your collection from Heathrow airport. Please visit our Airport Pick-up Service page.

What to Pack

Important Documents

You should ensure that you have the following available in your hand luggage when you arrive in the UK:

  • A valid passport and student visa
  • Full details and evidence of your accommodation in the UK
  • Your unconditional offer letter & completed acceptance form
  • Evidence of funding: a bank statement to show personal or family resources or confirmation of sponsorship letter
  • Recent medical report (including x-ray results if this applies to you)

You should also bring the following important documents with you to the UK:

  • Your CAS Statement
  • Original academic qualifications & translations (if appropriate)
  • Original English language qualification
  • Personal identification (e.g. driver's licence, birth certificate, etc.)
  • Any medical prescriptions or certificates
  • Proof of your address in your home country
  • Contact numbers for any family/friends in the UK
  • Contact details of family/friends in the event of an emergency
  • At least four passport sized photographs
  • If you are under 18, your guardian details. The guardian must be resident in the UK and appointed by your parent.

It is useful to bring a number of small (passport-sized) full-face photographs, as these are often required for various cards (such as student rail cards) and for police registration (if required). They must be standard UK passport size, with white or pale grey coloured background, and include the whole head and shoulders. Photographs can be obtained in the UK, but may be more expensive than in your home country.


Students dress casually in the UK, mostly wearing jeans and trainers to lectures. Medium weight clothing such as sweatshirts are appropriate throughout the year but t-shirts are more useful for the summer. For winter, you will need rainwear and warmer clothing & footwear.

Personal Items

Bring some personal items (basic toiletries such as toothbrush, soap, towel, etc.) so that you do not need to go shopping as soon as you arrive. We also suggest bringing glasses, contact lenses, current prescriptions and medication. However, make sure these items will clear customs first.

For information on what goods you may bring into the UK, please click here UKVI Immigration website:

UK Climate

Summer - June to August 11°C to 21°C
Autumn - September to November 6°C to 18°C
Winter - December to February 0°C to 9°C
Spring - March to May 4°C to 16°C