Postgraduate Pathway in Environmental Sciences

A postgraduate pathway will give you valuable insight into postgraduate-level studies in the UK. Most importantly, It will equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen taught master's degree.

Your Pathway to Brunel University London

Minimum 15 Years' Education


Year Pre-Master's Studies Master's Degree


£9,350 (one semester)

£18,410 - £20,450

*All Brunel University London Pathway College course fees may be subject to a review. Brunel University London fees are a guide only and are subject to change.



One semester 

Pre-Master Studies

Typical Modules

  • Applied Concepts
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 5
  • Research Methods


January and May

Please note: an ILSC Module will be included in the timetable for students that do not meet Brunel University London's direct entry English requirement. This is to ensure students meet Brunel's English entry requirement prior to progression.

Course outline

The aim of this programme is to provide a theoretical and applied knowledge and skills required at postgraduate level. In completing the programme, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of research methods and methodologies; critical and creative thinking and analytical skills in the production of written and oral assignments, to develop the prescribed level of inter-disciplinary language competence. Students will examine a range of research approaches, techniques, and methodologies, and manage their personal development enhancing their intellectual and practical skills, that build a set of transferable skills as appropriate for continuing at postgraduate level. 

In this Pre Masters you will take the following four core modules. 

Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

To develop: a range of academic and communication skills necessary for successful study at postgraduate level; a range of transferable communication skills (written and oral) to prepare students for professional life; independent learning tactics and strategies and, encourage students to take responsibility for their personal, academic, and professional development. 

Critical and Creative thinking

The Critical and Creative Thinking module has been designed to assist learners in developing a range of critical and analytical thinking skills necessary for successful study at postgraduate level. This will be achieved by learners gaining an understanding of concepts used in critical thinking; interpreting the arguments of others and developing effective arguments of their own whether in spoken or written form. 

Research Methods

The Research Methods module has been specifically designed for students who are required to demonstrate appropriate research and study skills at Masters level at the University.  Successful completion of this module indicates that students have obtained a good understanding of and ability to apply the requisite skills involved in demonstrating their understanding of, and ability to conduct research, evaluate relevant literature, and report research findings.  


This module is designed to assist students in developing a critical awareness of and familiarity with research methods; and provide students with underpinning knowledge and understanding of research methods and methodologies and a solid grounding for the more advanced research skills required in postgraduate study. 

Applied Concepts

This module has been designed to guide students through the key activities and concepts, which need to be undertaken and applied in the production of a written report at postgraduate level. The students are encouraged to reflect upon their approach whilst constructing their report, through continual feedback in tutorials, developing skills that will help in the re-evaluation of the decisions they make, drawing upon theory and its relation to practice.  The students will be required to present their work during the semester to receive timely feedback on their submitted drafts. This module will enable students to apply concepts which they have studied in the complementary modules on the Generic Pre-Masters programme element.

This pathway leads to the following Brunel University London Master's degree:

Careers and your future

Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Design MSc

There’s an optional work placement opportunity giving you intensive corporate exposure and business start-up support, as well as mentorship from leading entrepreneurs, business leaders, inventors and academics.

When you graduate, you can potentially join corporate institutions and public bodies as a senior sustainability and environmental coordinator/manager. You could also become an adviser on sustainable business and policy, sustainable new product development and investment/funding within existing companies, or as a consultant in a new business venture.

Students who undertake the six-month Professional Development will be given the opportunity to undertake a Professional Development Programme. This will include mentorship from leading entrepreneurs, business leaders, inventors and academics, intensive corporate exposure, and business start-up opportunities.

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