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Rabeea Bhutta

Q: What did you study at Brunel University London Pathway College?
A: Foundation in Life Sciences


Q: What will you study at Brunel University London afterwards?
A: Biomedical Sciences (Human Health) BSc (Hons)


Q: How did you find studying your course Brunel University London Pathway College and Brunel?

A: I’m currently studying Foundation year in Life Sciences as a domestic and UK student. My experience at Brunel has been very rewarding because it has provided a very friendly environment for students. So it’s a very comfortable environment here. Also, my foundation year has helped me to gain confidence that I need in order to succeed in my Biomedical degree. It’s only an hour travel journey for me so I can easily travel to university to attend my lectures on time. It’s offering a lot of support to students so it helps you to succeed socially as well as professionally and personally, since providing personal support and as well as academic support.

The reason why I have chosen Brunel was because, it’s very competitive to apply for Biomedicine. It allows you to specialise according to your interest. For example, there are different categories such as immunology, human health, genetics and biochemistry. I mainly want to study human health, therefore it has allowed me to specialise according to my interest.

Most importantly, there’s a lot of extra-curricular activities and sports. You can take part in different activities to help yourself to boost your social skills, and to feel comfortable in the environment.