Undergraduate Pathway in Law

The Brunel Law LLB gives you the chance to earn a law degree and develop a dynamic perspective of English law – not only what the law is, but why it is.  
You’ll learn the theories and principles underlying the law and acquire the research, analytical and communication skills you’ll need for a successful legal career. 

Your Pathway to Brunel University London

High School


2023/24 Foundation Studies





*All Brunel University London Pathway College course fees may be subject to a review. Brunel University London fees are a guide only and are subject to change.

Pathway progression

Upon successful completion of your pathway programme you will progress onto Brunel University London. Find out more by watching the video below.



  • Foundation Studies: Two Semesters (Brunel University London Pathway College)


  • Foundation Studies: January, and September

Foundation Studies

Typical Modules

  • Criminal Liability and Process
  • Critical Analysis and Writing Skills
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 1
  • Introduction to the Law of Civil Obligations
  • Legal Ethics and Skills
  • Legal Foundations
  • Legal Research using ICT skills
  • Management
Please note: an ILSC Module will be included in the timetable for students that do not meet Brunel University London's direct entry English requirement. This is to ensure students meet Brunel's English entry requirement prior to progression.

Course outline

The educational aims of this programme are:

1. To help you develop a fundamental knowledge and understanding of the main institutions of the English legal system.

2. To help you develop an appreciation and desire to learn, based on competent intellectual and practical skills.

3. To ensure you have attained the prescribed level of interdisciplinary language competence.

The programme will be delivered using a combination of the following:

  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Self-directed study


This teaching method will deliver basic module material. Each module has 4 hours’ contact time per week, which is normally delivered in 2-hour blocks. No period of contact should exceed 50 minutes at one time without a minimum of a 10- minute break.


These sessions are held to help you prepare for specific topics. They also provide an easy atmosphere for you to interact with your classmates and build on each other’s knowledge and skills. For each module, there is a weekly one-hour tutorial session.

Self-directed study

You will be expected to undertake a minimum number of hours in individual study per week in order to support the skills, knowledge and understanding presented in each lecture and tutorial session. These hours are expected to increase as you approach formal assessments. The ability to expand your learning by creating effective self-directed study patterns is a transferable skill that is fundamental to academic success.

Formative assessment

This is a key aspect of the programme and is varied to ensure that you have a variety of learning opportunities. Types of individual and group formative assessment methods will include presentations, individual and group work, and peer review.


You will be provided with access to a range of online resources through the student portal, and electronic journals and books are available through the Brunel University e-resources gateway. Guest speakers from relevant industries may also provide additional perspectives.

This pathway leads to the following Brunel University London degrees:

Careers and your future

You will leave Brunel with a firm grounding in law and solid legal knowledge, allowing you to be flexible in your future choices. After graduating, you may want to pursue a Master’s of Law (LLM), which will prepare you for work in the corporate world and government, as well as legal roles in the humanitarian, civil and criminal fields.

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