Postgraduate Pathway in Business and Management

A postgraduate pathway will give you valuable insight into postgraduate-level studies in the UK. Most importantly, It will equip you with the appropriate knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen taught master's degree.

Your Pathway to Brunel University London

Minimum 15 Years' Education


Year Pre-Master's Studies Master's Degree



£17,355 - £23,565

*All Brunel University London Pathway College course fees may be subject to a review. Brunel University London fees are a guide only and are subject to change.



One semester 

Pre-Master Studies

Typical Modules

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 5
  • Management Principles
  • Research Methods


January, May, September

Please note: an ILSC Module will be included in the timetable for students that do not meet Brunel University London's direct entry English requirement. This is to ensure students meet Brunel's English entry requirement prior to progression.

Course outline

 The aim of this programme is to provide a theoretical and applied knowledge and skills required at postgraduate level. In completing the programme, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of fundamental knowledge and understanding of business and its internal and external operating processes; research methods and methodologies; critical and creative thinking, and analytical skills in the production of written and oral assignments, to develop the prescribed level of inter-disciplinary language competence. Students will examine a range of research approaches, techniques, and methodologies, and manage their personal development enhancing their intellectual and practical skills, that build a set of transferable skills as appropriate for continuing at postgraduate level.

In this Pre Masters you will take the following four core modules:


Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

To develop: a range of academic and communication skills necessary for successful study at postgraduate level; a range of transferable communication skills (written and oral) to prepare students for professional life; independent learning tactics and strategies and, encourage students to take responsibility for their personal, academic, and professional development. 


Critical and Creative thinking

The Critical and Creative Thinking module has been designed to assist learners in developing a range of critical and analytical thinking skills necessary for successful study at postgraduate level. This will be achieved by learners gaining an understanding of concepts used in critical thinking; interpreting the arguments of others and developing effective arguments of their own whether in spoken or written form. 


Research Methods

The Research Methods module has been specifically designed for students who are required to demonstrate appropriate research and study skills at Masters level at the University.  Successful completion of this module indicates that students have obtained a good understanding of and ability to apply the requisite skills involved in demonstrating their understanding of, and ability to conduct research, evaluate relevant literature, and report research findings.  


This module is designed to assist students in developing a critical awareness of and familiarity with research methods; and provide students with underpinning knowledge and understanding of research methods and methodologies and a solid grounding for the more advanced research skills required in postgraduate study. 


Management Principles

The Management Principles module has been specifically designed for students who are required to demonstrate an appropriate understanding of current management themes and skills and their application as a basis for further study of such concepts at Master’s level at Brunel Business School.   


Students will be introduced and encouraged to contextualize management as an organisational process via investigation of selected themes in the study of organisations and associated functions of management. Questions useful for critical evaluation of these themes and topics will also be encouraged in thinking and approach, as well as outlining the characteristics of managerial skills and competencies within various operating environments.

Lecture, Seminars/Workshops and Tutorials


  • Purpose: To deliver basic module material.
  • Structure: Teaching is interactive with opportunities for individual and group formative exercises. Teaching rooms will have access to electronic/online resources to support the lecture.


  • Purpose: To develop team work skills and confidence by giving constructive feedback to fellow students.
  • Structure: Sessions are normally conducted according to preparation for specific topics and provide a collegiate atmosphere to encourage students to interact with class members building their class, or ‘team’, knowledge and skills.


  • Purpose: To enable one to one dialogue and feedback
  • Structure: Appropriate number of 10 minute tutorial slots arranged with each student as part of the teaching hours.

Self-directed study

Each student is expected to undertake a minimum number of hours in individual study per week in order to support and build the skills, knowledge and understanding presented in each lecture and seminar groups. It is expected that students will increase the number of individual study hours as they approach summative assessment events.

The ability for students to expand their learning by creating effective self-directed study patterns is a transferable skill deemed fundamental to further academic success as well as a key time-management tool. All students have access to Brunel University Library which supports learners though a range a services.

The library is well stocked with books and journals and citation indexes for researching further primary and secondary sources. There also bookable group study rooms and access to specialist Librarians who can help with any enquiries.

The library is also open 24/7 during Brunel University London's term time, enabling students to be flexible in their personalised learning preferences. All students have access to University ASK services through the University Library and academic English support (as requested) through IPLC.

Electronic journals and electronic books are available through the Brunel University’s e-resources gateway. As appropriate, students can access Black Board, the University Virtual Learning environment. All students are provided with access to a range of on line resources through the college student portal/learning environment. Students are expected to access online resources to support their learning while out on their placement.

This pathway leads to the following Brunel University London Master's degrees:

**UK 3rd Class Honours degree in Business related subject, or international equivalent: no work experience required / UK 3rd Class Honours degree in non-Business related subject, or international equivalent: must have at least 1 years’ related work experience
*Course has additional entry requirements of three years' managerial work experience in a postgraduate professional environment.

Careers and your future

Our programmes are built with input from business professionals with the specific aim of helping you enter the workplace fully equipped and confident of your abilities. As a masters graduate you’ll be equipped to enter a number of roles, including:

  • Business analyst
  • Business development manager
  • Data analyst
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Management consultant
  • Project manager
  • Risk manager
  • Sales executive
  • Stockbroker
  • Supply chain manager

Some of the well-known names who value Brunel Business School graduates include Accenture, Amazon, Barclays, British Airways, Capgemini, HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, L’Oréal, McCann, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Xerox.

We were one of the first business schools to offer postgraduate placement. You can now put your learning into practice through optional six to twelve week or year-long work placement option available on our Management, Marketing, International Business or Corporate Brand Management courses which will take place after your studies at Brunel University London.

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